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How to customize work clothes to choose materials?

How to customize work clothes to choose materials?

Work clothes are customized for work needs. Wearing work clothes can not only enhance employees' sense of belonging to the enterprise, sense of community and sense of responsibility for work, but also enhance the cohesion between the enterprise and the team, as well as the cooperation between employees and employees. When the work clothes are customized, the key aspects that need to be considered mainly include fabric, color, style, price, cutting, workmanship and so on. So do you know how to choose materials for shenzhen work clothes? The following Shenzhen work clothes manufacturer Zhenghua to a set of business personnel wearing work clothes for you to introduce in detail:

When we use customized business personnel work clothes, the materials used should be as good as possible to choose excellent, superior fabric. Because business personnel are likely to attend some more important meetings, or big customers, at this time, a relatively high-grade work clothes can not only reflect a kind of professional beauty, but also enhance the confidence of business personnel. Therefore, business personnel work clothes customized materials, in general, should give priority to pure wool, pure cotton, cotton, wool, wool, polyester and other fabrics.

Fabrics such as pure wool, pure cotton, cotton wool, cotton linen, wool and polyester belong to high-grade blended fabrics, which are not only economical and practical, beautiful and decent, but also have pure natural quality, hygroscopic, breathable, close-fitting, comfortable and other aspects. They also appear relatively high-grade when worn on the body. But also has the advantages of drape, crisp, strong, folding resistance, wear resistance, so if the economic conditions allow, we should give priority to these fabrics.

Ninghow suggestion, except under special circumstances, we generally do not recommend people to choose man-made chemical fiber fabrics, such as polyester, polyester, nylon, medium and long fiber, to make business personnel's work clothes. Although fabric of these man-made chemical fiber has cost low, colour bright-coloured, firm endure wear, avoid hot the advantage such as wrinkle, but after wearing time for a long time, can be ground to shine normally, its surface also can rise wool rise ball, hide dirt, serious word still jumps silk extremely easily or produce static electricity. Therefore, it is not recommended to choose artificial chemical fiber fabric to make business personnel's work clothes.

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