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Best 20 common styles of shorts

best short styles

Best 20 common styles of shorts - Contents

Summer is almost here, which means it’s time to check out the best shorts styles for your wardrobe. You can find shorts for casual days, sporty looks, or something trendy. This guide looks at the top 20 styles for both men and women.

From the classic denim shorts to eco-friendly choices, there’s a pair for all tastes. Let’s start exploring and find the shorts that match your style perfectly!

Key Takeaways:

  • Explore the top 20 common styles of shorts for both men and women.
  • Find the perfect pair that suits your style and preferences.
  • Discover different types of shorts, from casual to athletic and eco-friendly options.
  • Learn how to style your shorts for various occasions.
  • Stay on-trend and fashionable with the latest shorts styles.

Casual Shorts

Casual shorts are a must-have item in any wardrobe. They are ideal for everyday wear. You can make them look dressed up or relaxed, depending on where you’re going. You might like the timeless chino style or the practical cargo short. Casual shorts are all about comfort and being able to wear them in many ways.

Casual Shorts

Now, let’s dive into the world of casual shorts. We will explore the various types and offer tips on how to wear them for a trendy yet laid-back style.

Denim Shorts

Denim shorts are a must-have. They give you a cool, relaxed style that’s easy to change up. You can wear them to the beach or for a night with friends and always look good.

There are many denim short styles out there. You can pick from distressed to high-waisted, each with its own charm. Distressed shorts make you look bold, while high-waisted ones make your legs seem longer.

Denim shorts come in various shades, from light blue to deep indigo. So, you can pick the best color that fits your look. They also keep up with the latest fashion trends like frayed edges and fun decorations.

Rock your summer look by teaming denim shorts with a plain tee and sneakers. It’s a laid-back style that works. Or, for something fancier, pair them with a nice shirt and sandals. And remember, adding belts, hats, and sunglasses can really lift your outfit.

denim shorts

Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are famous for how handy they are. They were first made for the military, with lots of pockets for storage. These shorts are great for outdoor fun, keeping you stylish and organized.

cargo shorts

Both guys and girls like wearing cargo shorts. For men, they give off a tough, manly vibe. They’re perfect for simple activities like going fishing or out camping. You can easily tote around your wallet, keys, and phone. This makes men’s cargo shorts a must for those kinds of days.

Women also find cargo shorts useful and stylish. They’re great for daily tasks, picnics, or hikes. Cargo shorts keep you looking good while being practical.

These shorts have tons of pockets. You can carry a lot without needing extra bags. This is handy for your gadgets, money, sunglasses, or a note pad. Cargo shorts help you stay prepared wherever you are.

Cargo shorts pair well with various tops and shoes. Men can go with a t-shirt or polo, and women can choose a tank or light top with them. Finish with sneakers or sandals for a cool, relaxed vibe. It’s an easy way to dress for many occasions, like the beach or hanging out with friends.

For both men and women, cargo shorts are a smart choice. They combine style with practicality. This makes them perfect for those who love the outdoors or simply enjoy looking good in a laid-back way.

Chino Shorts

Chino shorts are loved by both men and women for their smart look. They are made from lightweight cotton twill. This gives a more stylish appearance than regular shorts. They’re soft and feel good to wear all day. You can wear them casually or for more special events.

chino shorts

These shorts come in many colors. You can find them in classic colors like khaki, navy, or beige. Or, you could pick something eye-catching like red, green, or blue. This variety lets you mix and match for any occasion.

How long chino shorts are matters too. They usually stop just above the knee. This length is modest and fashionable. But, you can find some that are even shorter or longer to suit different styles and body shapes.

For a smart look, pair your chinos with a white shirt and boat shoes. Or, for something more relaxed, wear them with a fun t-shirt and sneakers. You could even make them look formal by adding a blazer and loafers.

Chino shorts are perfect for many events, from casual BBQs to office days or brunch. They are the top choice for people who love to look good without compromising comfort.

Athletic or Sports Shorts

Athletic or sports shorts are key for staying active or playing sports. They’re made for top comfort, flexibility, and support. With them, you can perform your best at the gym, on a run, or in any sport.

What makes these shorts special is their high-tech fabrics. They let your skin breathe and pull the sweat away. You’ll keep feeling cool and dry. Plus, the shorts are lightweight and stretchy. This means you can move freely and do your best.

When picking out athletic shorts, think about your sport’s needs. Each sport needs shorts that fit its moves. For instance, basketball shorts are long and loose for big jumps, while running shorts are light and often have extra support built in.

athletic shorts

Men and women can choose from many styles and colors of athletic shorts. It’s vital to pick ones that fit well and give you the support you need. Look for adjustable waists, sweat-wicking materials, and fits that feel good and secure.

Buying quality athletic shorts is important. They’ll last through heavy use and help you perform better. Top brands like Nike, Adidas, and others offer quality, function, and style. This way, you’ll not only perform well but also look good doing it.

To wrap up, sports shorts are a must for anyone active. They improve your comfort, movement, and support. Whether you’re in the gym or on the field, the right athletic shorts can make a big difference in your sports life.

Running Shorts

Running shorts are crucial for men and women into fitness. They are designed for running, making your run better and more comfortable.

They are light and made from materials that breathe. This keeps you cool and dry as you work out hard. So, no matter the ground or trail, you stay fresh and avoid feeling sticky.

These shorts often come with built-in briefs or compression wear. They add support and cut down rubbing, making you feel snug. This feature also means you can run without worrying about what you’re wearing.

“Running shorts are an essential piece of workout gear for both men and women, providing optimal performance and comfort to enhance your running experience.”

Picking the right running shorts includes thinking about size and shape. Some like them short for more leg freedom. But, others pick longer styles for extra cover. Make sure the waistband feels good and fits well to enjoy your run more.

running shorts

There are many looks and types of running shorts out there. This means you’ll discover a pair that fits your taste, from simple to bold. All these choices are made for the best fit and comfort, depending on if you’re a man or woman.

Benefits of Running Shorts:

  • Lightweight and breathable materials keep you cool and dry
  • Built-in briefs or compression shorts provide added support
  • Allows for maximum mobility and range of motion
  • Wide range of styles and designs to suit individual preferences
  • Designed for optimal performance and comfort during running

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Pair:

  • Select the appropriate length and fit for your comfort and coverage needs
  • Consider the waistband style and adjustability for a secure fit
  • Choose materials that are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and breathable
  • Opt for running shorts designed specifically for men or women for a better fit
  • Explore different brands and styles to find the perfect pair for your running routine
BrandMen’s Running ShortsWomen’s Running Shorts
NikeFlex StrideEpic Luxe
AdidasOwn the RunResponse
Under ArmourLaunchPlay Up

This table highlights top choices in running shorts for men and women. These brands focus on making shorts that perform well, feel good, and look great, helping you pick the best for your training.

Choosing a great pair of running shorts is more than a wardrobe update. A good pair boosts your running game while lasting a long time. With the perfect running shorts, you’ll run comfortably and stay focused on getting fit.

Basketball Shorts

Basketball shorts are made just for basketball players. They are longer and looser than other types. This design lets players move freely on the court. The loose fit is perfect for sharp, quick moves needed in the game.

Moisture-wicking tech is a big plus in these shorts. It helps players stay dry by pulling sweat away. With all the running and jumping in basketball, this tech keeps players comfortable. It helps them focus on playing their best.

These shorts also use fabrics that let air pass through. This is vital for keeping cool during games. The breathable materials reduce heat and sweat, making play more comfortable.

Choosing the right basketball shorts means looking for more than just style. The fit, how comfortable they are, and their durability are also key. Aim for shorts that are comfy but also stay on well. Good, strong materials are a must for long basketball sessions.

No matter if you play basketball for fun or as a pro, good basketball shorts are a must-have. They boost your performance and keep you comfortable while you play.

basketball shorts

Board Shorts

Board shorts are a top pick for beach fun. They dry quickly and are comfy to wear. Their longer length keeps you covered in the water.

What’s cool about board shorts are the bright colors and cool designs. You can show off your style at the beach. There are both bold and muted options for everyone’s taste.

You can style board shorts many ways. Add a simple tee or stylish tank for a chill look. Accessories like sunglasses and a hat can make you stand out. And, sunscreen is a must to stay safe from the sun.

For men’s shorts, look at brands like Billabong, Quiksilver, and Hurley. They offer lots of choices in style and color. For women, check out Roxy, O’Neill, and Rip Curl. They make stylish, functional designs.

Plan a beach trip or enjoy water activities? Board shorts are essential for your summer look. Dive into the fun with great style!

board shorts

Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts are key for anyone who loves to ride. They offer comfort and support on long journeys, for both men and women.

The padded inserts in cycling shorts are a game-changer. They sit under you, softening your seat and stopping your skin from rubbing. This extra layer makes bumpy rides smoother and more enjoyable.

These shorts also give a hugging feeling, thanks to their special stretchy fabric. This wrap-around squeeze boosts blood flow, calms your muscles, and fights tiredness. So, they aren’t just comfy; they’re your secret weapon for riding better and recovering faster.

The right fit and fabric are crucial when picking out cycling shorts. You want a pair that fits well but doesn’t squeeze too tight, cutting down on friction and keeping them in place while you pedal. Choose shorts made from materials that soak up sweat, keeping you feeling cool and breezy.

cycling shorts

For anyone who bikes, good cycling shorts should be at the top of your shopping list. They do more than just make things comfy; they improve your ride and keep you going stronger for longer. So, go ahead and upgrade to the perfect pair. Start pedaling with confidence!

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts are classic and work for both men and women. Their longer length, which ends near the knee, gives them a sophisticated vibe. You can wear them to the office or on a casual day out. They can fit into a business-casual setting or be part of a relaxed outfit.

Men, make your look sharp by pairing Bermuda shorts with a neat button-down and loafers. Adding a blazer makes it even more polished. Women can go for elegance with a blouse and heels. For something casual, Bermuda shorts look great with a graphic tee and sneakers.

There are lots of choices in Bermuda shorts, from different fabrics to various colors and patterns. Pick soft fabrics like cotton or linen for comfort in warm weather. Feel free to choose fun colors and patterns to showcase your style.

When picking Bermuda shorts, think about your body shape and size. Find a pair that makes you look good and is comfortable. Make sure they fit well around your waist. Check the inseam length so they hit at just the right spot on your leg. It’s okay to try on different styles until you find the perfect one.

bermuda shorts

Gym Shorts

Gym shorts are a key item for anyone who loves to work out. They’re essential for the gym, running, or yoga. The right pair offers you comfort, flexibility, and breathability.

The best gym shorts use fabric that pulls sweat away. This keeps you dry and cool. They often come with adjustable waists for a perfect fit.

Men can choose from loose, tight, or hybrid styles. Women’s options include high-waisted, bike, and running shorts.

Picking the perfect gym shorts means looking at the material, length, and fit. Choose shorts made from materials like polyester or nylon for comfort. The right length and fit are based on what you find most comfortable and what activity you’re doing.

Essentially, gym shorts make your workouts better. They give you the movement and comfort to reach your fitness goals. So, for any activity, make sure you have a great pair.

gym shorts

Boxer Shorts

Boxer shorts are a top pick for men’s underwear. They are loose and cozy, perfect for daily use. You can choose from simple solid colors to fun patterns, fitting your style.

There are many types like silk, cotton, and high-tech materials. Cotton ones are super comfortable and let your skin breathe. Silk is more luxurious, great for special times. For active guys, you can find performance boxers that keep you dry.

Boxer shorts are known for their roominess, allowing you to move freely. This makes them great for hanging out, doing chores, or light sports. They bring comfort and flexibility to your daily routine.

When picking out boxer shorts, think about what makes you comfortable. Look at the waistband, fly, and length. You might prefer an elastic waist, a button fly, and choose between briefs and longer styles.

Focus on what feels good and fits right. Your boxer shorts should not be too tight or too loose. Also, follow washing instructions to keep them in good shape.

Boxer shorts never go out of style. They add an easy, casual vibe to any outfit. With so many options available, you’ll surely find a pair you love.

boxer shorts

Swim Shorts (or Trunks)

Swim shorts, also called swim trunks, are essential for the beach or pool. They dry quickly and have an adjustable waist. You can choose from different lengths and styles to fit your swim gear.

swim shorts

The most important things about swim shorts are how comfy and useful they are. Choose ones that are light and dry fast. Look for a built-in mesh brief for extra support.

Men’s swim shorts are usually longer, above the knee or mid-thigh. They give you good coverage and let you move freely. You can pick from many colors and designs to match your style.

Women’s swim style shorts are great for being active or just hanging out. They cover more and often sit higher on the waist. They come in various lengths so you can find what fits you best.

Think about what you’ll be doing when picking your swimwear. For swimming fast or playing water sports, choose shorter shorts. They help you move easily. If a chill beach day is more your vibe, go for longer shorts for added comfort and sun protection.

To complete your beach look, match your swim shorts with a cool top or rash guard. Wear sunscreen and bring sunglasses and a hat for extra sun safety.

Comparison of Swim Shorts and Swim Trunks

FeatureSwim ShortsSwim Trunks
WaistbandAdjustableElastic or drawstring
LengthVaries (above the knee, mid-thigh)Varies (above the knee, mid-thigh)
FitVaries (relaxed, fitted)Varies (relaxed, fitted)
StyleVarious colors, patterns, and printsVarious colors, patterns, and prints
GenderUnisexPrimarily worn by men


Skorts bring together the ease of shorts with the elegance of skirts. They have shorts hidden under a skirt layer. This means you can move freely without being concerned about showing too much. Skorts are perfect for many occasions, from work to fun times with friends. They are both a chic and smart choice.

There are many styles of women’s skorts to choose from. Some might like a flowy skort with flowers for a soft, free spirit look. Others might prefer a neat, structured skort for a more professional appearance. You can wear skorts to work with a nice blouse and heels. Or combine them with a simple tee and sneakers for a laid-back day.

Skorts are not just for show; they’re useful too. The hidden shorts add extra coverage and let you move freely. This makes them great for outdoor events, busy days, or your favorite sports. Skorts manage to blend style with comfort perfectly.

When adding skorts to your closet, think about what you need it for and what you like. For a classy style, pair a skort with a nice, fitted blouse and pretty sandals. Or, if you want a cooler, more relaxed look, combine skorts with a fun graphic tee and stylish boots. Don’t forget to try different accessories like bold earrings or a cool hat to make your skorts stand out.

women skorts

Skorts are a great choice whether you’re putting on your best for a big day or going for something casual. They offer a mix of great style and practical use. Skorts should definitely be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted shorts have become super trendy. They mix retro vibes with modern style. Worn at or above the waistline, they make you look good. They also make your legs seem longer. They work for both laid-back and dressy looks, fitting your style just right.

Styling high-waisted shorts is fun because you have lots of choices. For a chill day, wear them with a short tee and sneakers. This look is comfy and easy. To step it up for a party or evening out, pair the shorts with a nice top and heels. This adds a touch of elegance.

What’s great about these shorts is how they look on different bodies. They define your waist and enhance your shape. This can make you feel more confident. Tucking your top into them also makes your outfit neater.

There are many types of high-waisted shorts to choose from. Pick from denim to airy fabrics, finding what suits you best. You can also play with the length, like mid-thigh or knee-high. This helps in finding the ideal pair for your figure.

High-waisted shorts are perfect for the beach, a festival, or a day in town. They add style and flexibility to your wardrobe. So, give them a try and stand out with a classic look that feels fresh.

high-waisted shorts

Pleated Shorts

Pleated shorts are not just stylish but also versatile. They add texture and volume to any outfit. The pleats give a structured, sophisticated look. This is great for both casual and dressy events. You can find them in various lengths and colors, allowing you to express your unique style.

Pleated shorts also do wonders for your figure. They highlight your waist and give plenty of room for your hips and thighs. This ensures you look good while feeling comfortable. Whether you like high-waisted or mid-rise, pleated shorts make you look polished.

There are many ways to style pleated shorts. For sophistication, wear them with a tucked-in blouse or fitted top. Don’t forget to add a belt or bold jewelry to complete the look. If you’re going for a casual vibe, pair them with a loose tee or lightweight sweater. Finish with sneakers or sandals.

When picking pleated shorts, think about the fabric. Choose cotton or linen for the summer for their light and breathable feel. For something fancier, go for silk or satin. These add an elegant, glamorous touch to your outfit.

To see how pleated shorts can be worn, check out the image below:

Women wearing pleated shorts

Pleated shorts can be styled in many ways. Adapt them for any occasion by choosing the right tops, shoes, and accessories. By mixing and matching, you can create looks that truly reflect who you are.

In conclusion, pleated shorts are a fantastic choice for adding style and structure to your wardrobe. Their tailored look and flattering shape suit all kinds of events. Keep exploring different styles and fabrics to find what makes you look and feel your best.

Leather Shorts

Leather shorts are a bold choice for those who love to stand out. They come in either real or fake leather. These shorts work for both daytime and evening outfits.

A graphic t-shirt and sneakers make leather shorts a chill daytime look. For a night out, try them with a smart blouse or a sharp blazer. Finish the look with cool extras like belts or big jewelry.

Choosing the right shoes with leather shorts matters. Wear sneakers or ankle boots for a relaxed feel. Or, go for high heels if you want to look more formal.

Pick the best leather shorts for your shape. High-waisted ones can make you look curvy. Loose styles offer a more comfortable option. Find what makes you feel great.

Leather shorts are not just trendy; they’re tough too. Take care of them well, and they’ll be in your wardrobe for a long time. Always heed the care advice to keep them looking good.

leather shorts

Lace or Crochet Shorts

Lace or crochet shorts are a top pick for women wanting to show their softer side. They have detailed patterns that make every outfit feel delicate and romantic. You can wear them at a summer wedding or a simple brunch. They work for both fancy events or a laid-back, boho vibe.

When choosing lace shorts, there are many styles and lengths available. A pair with a scalloped bottom looks elegant. But, if you prefer a comfy look, try crochet shorts with a loose fit. They have a drawstring waist to adjust as needed. You can match them with a loose blouse or a more fitted top, depending on your style and the event.

To look elegant, wear lace or crochet shorts with a tucked-in silk blouse and pretty sandals. You can add a simple necklace or bold earrings for extra charm. For a bohemian style, go for a loose blouse, a big hat, and boots.

lace shorts

Layering with a cardigan or kimono can help if you’re worried about showing too much skin. This adds style and some extra coverage. Mixing various textures and patterns can make your outfit stand out in a good way.

For shoes, lace or crochet shorts go well with many options. Choose flat sandals or espadrilles for a relaxed look. For something fancier, heels or wedges will make your shorts look more elegant.

Whether walking by the beach or at a summer party, lace or crochet shorts fit many occasions. They come in beautiful designs, appealing to women who love a romantic touch. So, don’t hesitate to pick a pair for your summer collection.

Eco-Friendly Shorts

Eco-friendly shorts are perfect for people who care about the earth. They use materials like organic cotton, recycled polyester, or hemp. These materials make less harm to our planet. The shorts are also made under good work conditions to help workers.

These shorts also help save our earth’s resources. They use materials that can be used again and are better for nature. Making them also uses less water, fewer chemicals, and makes less air pollution.

There are many styles of eco-friendly shorts available. You can find anything from classic chino to stylish denim. So, you can look good and feel good about helping the planet.

Many top brands are making eco-friendly shorts. Brands like Patagonia, prAna, and Outerknown focus on being good for our world. They use materials that don’t harm our planet and treat workers fairly.

So, buying eco-friendly shorts is a smart choice. You help the planet and support brands that do good. Make your wardrobe green with shorts that are stylish and kind to the earth.

Eco-friendly Shorts

Tech Shorts

Tech shorts are a must-have for those who love the outdoors. They use the latest tech to improve your activity. If you’re hiking, camping, or climbing, tech shorts will be your best friend.

These shorts are all about comfort. They use special fabric to pull sweat away from your body. This keeps you cool and dry, even when you’re working hard. They dry fast, so you won’t be left with wet clothes. Many also protect your skin from the sun.

Tech shorts work well for many outdoor activities. They’re great for hiking, biking, or playing sports. They are light and let your skin breathe, so you stay comfortable. Their design helps you move freely and enjoy your adventures more.

Many brands make these shorts. You can choose from athletic to outdoor-specific brands. Stick with brands known for great tech and performance. The right tech shorts will make your outdoor fun even better.


What are the best short styles for men?

For men, the top short styles are casual, denim, cargo, and chino. Additionally, athletic, running, and basketball shorts are great picks. For a trendy look, bermuda, gym, and boxer shorts work well. If you’re heading to the beach, swim and tech shorts are also good options.

What are the best short styles for women?

Women have a lot to choose from, including casual, denim, and cargo shorts. Chino and athletic shorts are also popular. For more specific needs, there are running, bermuda, and gym shorts. To dress up, try skorts, high-waisted, or pleated shorts. You can even find stylish leather, lace, or eco-friendly shorts.

How should I style casual shorts?

Styling casual shorts is easy. Just pair them with a simple t-shirt or tank top. Top it off with some cool sneakers or sandals. Don’t forget to grab your sunglasses and a hat to go with it.

What are the different types of denim shorts available?

Denim shorts come in several styles. There are distressed, high-waisted, and cutoff. Boyfriend denim shorts are another option. Each type offers a different look and feel.

Are cargo shorts only suitable for outdoor activities?

Cargo shorts are great for many occasions, not just the outdoors. They fit in both during outdoor fun and casual daily activities. For a simple, relaxed style, team them with a basic t-shirt and sneakers.

How can I style chino shorts for a sophisticated outfit?

Create a sophisticated look with chino shorts by adding a nice button-down shirt or blouse. A belt can help you look polished. For footwear, choose loafers or heels. Keep accessories to a minimum.

What should I consider when choosing athletic shorts?

Athleisure shorts are about more than just looking good. Think about the fabric and its moisture-wicking properties. Breathability and support matter, too. Find ones with an adjustable waist, ensuring they move with you.

Are running shorts suitable for long-distance running?

Yes, they are perfect. Look for running shorts that have built-in briefs or compression for support. Choose materials that breathe well and feel light. This combo makes them ideal for running far.

What features should I look for when choosing basketball shorts?

Basketball shorts should be long and not hold you back. Pick ones with breathable fabric and moisture-wicking. Elastic waists and handy pockets are a plus.

What are the key features of board shorts?

Board shorts dry fast and are made to last. They’re longer for more coverage and usually tie with a drawstring or Velcro. Plus, they often have pockets and come in fun designs.

What should I consider when choosing cycling shorts?

Comfort is key, so look for good padding and snug fits. Moisture-wicking and coverage are also important. Choose the right length and fabric for your rides.

How can I style bermuda shorts?

Pull off bermuda shorts by teaming them with a sharp button-up or a nice top. This look works for the office or a day off. For casual, match them with a fun tee and sneakers. Don’t forget a stylish belt and jewelry.

What features should I look for in gym shorts?

Opt for gym shorts that are breathable and move with you. Moisture-wicking fabric is a must. An adjustable waist and smart pockets make them even better.

What are the different types of boxer shorts available?

Boxer shorts come in many styles like woven, knit, boxer briefs, and trunks. You’ll find them in a wide range of colors and patterns, so there’s something for every taste.

How can I find the right swim shorts for me?

For the best swim shorts, focus on fit and comfort. Look for fast-drying materials and an adjustable waist. Pockets and a mesh lining are handy. Choose a style that reflects your unique style.

What are skorts and how can I style them?

Skorts blend the best of shorts and skirts. To wear them well, choose a form-fitting top and elegant shoes. A standout belt can take your outfit from okay to outstanding.

How can I style high-waisted shorts for a chic outfit?

High-waisted shorts look great with a tucked-in top and a waist-defining belt. Dress them up with stylish footwear. Add some bold jewelry for an eye-catching look.

What should I consider when choosing pleated shorts?

Pick pleated shorts that are just right – not too full, not too short. Find a length that flatters you. Tuck in a top to make a refined statement.

How can I style leather shorts for a trendy look?

Go for a hip vibe with leather shorts. Pair them with a customized tee or a sleek top. A chic jacket, some boots, and colorful jewelry elevate the style.

What are the features of lace or crochet shorts?

Lace or crochet shorts add a sweet touch to your outfit. Tuck in a top for balance. Finish with soft jewelry and your best footwear for a graceful appearance.

Why should I choose eco-friendly shorts?

Eco-friendly shorts support a cleaner, fairer fashion industry. They are made from sustainable materials and crafted ethically. Opt for brands committed to eco-consciousness and quality.

What features should I look for in tech shorts?

Tech shorts blend comfort with high-performance features. Look for ones that wick moisture, dry quickly, and protect you from the sun. A durable and flexible fabric is essential. Choose the right options for your outdoor adventures.


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