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Yoga clothes are the clothes worn when practicing yoga. Generally speaking, yoga clothes are divided into long sleeves, medium long sleeves, short sleeves, vests, and suspenders, while pants are divided into tight and loose types. Subdivision is especially straight tube, horn, and bloomers three.

Wear can be separated according to the style of yoga clothes to be matched; the overall best is to cover the belly button to protect the qi of Dantian.

About the fabric of yoga clothes

Many kinds of fabrics can be used to produce yoga clothes. Various materials have different functions, and here are some common types of yoga clothing fabrics.

Custom yoga clothes
Quick-drying fabric

Quick-drying fabric is a common fabric for sportswear. It is a double-layer fabric with a non-absorbent but porous chemical fiber and an absorbent cotton blend outside. Generally, chemical fiber and polyester fiber are more, this kind of fabric after sweating clothes will not stick to the body, more comfortable.


Super volatile and water absorption, moisture, and heat preservation are good, keeping the skin dry and fresh; in wind and rain, moisture can play a better role. When you sweat, the inner layer has no affinity for sweat, directly transmitted to the outer layer of water-absorbing material through the micro-channel so that your intimate inner layer always feels no effort. Characteristic is to quickly guide the work of the body to the outer layer of clothing; on the one hand, the inner layer is dry, and on the other hand, the sweat is easy to volatilize in the outer layer.


If the fast-drying fabric contains 100% polyester fiber, it is uncomfortable for the human body to wear the feeling.

Lycra is a fabric made from Spandex (short for polyurethane fiber), sometimes called “spandex.”

Custom yoga clothes
Lycra fabric

Adding Lycra to fabric can enhance the elasticity of the fabric, can move freely in movement and keep the shape unchanged for a long time, good elasticity and is not easy to deform, intimate comfort. Lycra can be combined with a variety of different fibers without changing the look or texture of the fabric. The fabric is very soft.


Lycra must be blended with other fibers to create the finished product.

Custom yoga clothes
Odell fabric

Odell fabric is a high-grade fiber made of plant protein fiber by a special process, and then the plant protein fiber and cotton textile fabric, which belongs to an environmental protection textile fabric.


Good moisture absorption, moisture conductivity, elasticity, soft breathable, hanging and elegant performance, light texture, smooth, not easy to shrink, easy to wash and dry.


Fabric belongs to natural fiber fabric, is expensive.

Modal fabric is a cellulose fiber, and artificial cotton, the same as cellulose fiber, is pure artificial fiber. It is made of wood grout from shrubbery produced in Europe and made by a special spinning process. It is now mostly used in underwear production.

Custom yoga clothes
Modal fabric

Soft feel, strong moisture absorption, beautiful color, good droopiness, fabric has natural wrinkle resistance and ironing.


Fabric crisp poor, easy to pile, the cost is more expensive.

Custom yoga clothes
Chinlon fabric

Chinlon fabric is usually called nylon, the scientific name of polyamide fiber, and is the general name of polyamide fiber produced in China. Nylon fabric wear resistance, and durability are very good, with good moisture absorption, and lightweight fabric.


Excellent elasticity and elasticity recovery, wear resistance in all kinds of fabrics first, than similar products many times higher than other fiber fabrics, therefore, its durability is excellent.


It is easy to deform under small external force, so its fabric is easy to wrinkle in the process of wearing and has a poor heat resistance and light resistance. It is necessary to pay attention to the washing and maintenance conditions in the process of wearing and using, so as not to damage the fabric.

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Custom yoga clothes


From labels to packaging, we can provide free design and typesetting.

How We Make It

Order Process

Project Planning

We start with the first step: gathering sample references and your tech pack or photographs. Your project manager will then assist you in verifying your materials and relevant details.

Order quotation

Our project manager will lead the team to quote for the fabric, craft, quantity and other requirements of your order.

Sample making

Our sample maker will produce the garment samples according to your requirement. By creating pieces of your clothing, we can test the fit and functionality before mass production.


You can try on, test, and check the samples we produce. Please tell us the deficiency, and we will correct the prototype.


After your sample is approved, we will coordinate with the production department according to your order quantity to deliver your order on time.


After the garment production is completed, a quality inspection is carried out. Encapsulate according to your requirements.

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