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Best golf shirts for hot weather

Best golf shirts for hot weather

It is said that polo matches you more this summer!

The Polo shirt, originally called tennis shirt, was originally worn by aristocrats when playing Polo. The comfortable cotton shirt combined with the air-lifting collar design depicts the psychology of aristocrats and rich people who pursue comfort and pay attention to respectability when playing sports. Later, it evolved into collared short-sleeved clothes. Over time, it became known as "polo shirt" and became popular with the public, so it evolved into general casual clothing.

There are two main types of POLO shirts:

1, loose type

The loose-fitting version of the Polo shirt is mostly age-reducing, and many popular sports brands will introduce this kind of loose-fitting Polo shirt because it is super comfortable to wear when you are exercising.

2, slim style

Common Polo shirts are mainly slim knit shape, slim design more temperament, is the most popular fashion favored single lining.

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