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Why do my polo shirt collars curl?

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Why do my polo shirt collars curl? - Contents

If you’re a fan of polo shirts, you might have noticed that their collars tend to curl after being washed or worn for some time. This can be frustrating as it takes away from the neat appearance of the shirt. In this article, we’ll explore what causes polo shirt collars to curl and what you can do to prevent it from happening.

What causes polo shirt collars to curl?

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One of the main reasons polo shirt collars curl is the fabric’s natural tendency to revert to its original shape. When you wear a polo shirt, its collar gets stretched out due to your neck’s size and shape. When you wash the shirt, the collar’s stretchy fibers contract, causing the collar to curl.

Another reason your polo shirt collars may be curling is that the shirt was improperly ironed or folded after being washed. If left in a heap, the collar will dry in a twisted state, becoming permanent over time.

Lastly, the shirt’s fabric quality can also contribute to collar curling. Low-quality cotton or synthetic blends are more prone to curling and shrinking than high-quality materials like Pima or mercerized cotton.

What can be done about it?

There are several things that you can do to prevent your polo shirt collars from curling:

Choose high-quality materials: Invest in polo shirts made of high-quality materials like Pima cotton, mercerized cotton, or silk. These fabrics are less prone to shrinkage and curling.

Proper washing techniques: When washing polo shirts, use cold water instead of hot water. Hot water can cause the fabric to shrink, leading to collar curling. Additionally, please avoid using the dryer and instead air dry your polo shirts by laying them flat.

Iron or steam: After washing your polo shirt, make sure to iron or steam the collar to keep it flat. Be careful not to use too much heat, which can damage the fabric.

keywords, teenager, chores-2912680.jpg

Please be sure to store them correctly: When you keep your polo shirts, please make sure to fold them properly and avoid hanging them on a hanger. Hanging polo shirts can cause the collar to stretch out of shape.

By following these tips, you can prevent your polo shirt collars from curling and maintain their neat appearance for a longer time.


Polo shirt collars tend to curl due to the natural tendency of the fabric to revert to its original shape, improper washing techniques, and low-quality materials. To prevent collar curling, invest in high-quality materials, use proper washing techniques, iron or steam the collar after washing, and store your polo shirts properly. These simple steps will help you maintain the neat appearance of your polo shirts and save you from the frustration of having to deal with curled collars.


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