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The Ultimate Fabric Guide for Men’s Polo Shirts

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The Ultimate Fabric Guide for Men’s Polo Shirts - Contents

Men's Polo Shirts Fabric Guide

Dressing sharp while staying comfortable is the mantra for the modern man. The polo shirt, a timeless wardrobe staple, must tick all the boxes of style, comfort, and function. Your choice of fabric is critical in defining how well your polo meets these needs. This guide helps you choose men’s polo shirts from many options.

1. Piqué Cotton – The Traditional Pick

Piqué, known for its signature raised parallel cords, is a knit fabric often used in classic polo shirt designs. This 100% cotton fabric is famous for its light and textured feel. It doesn’t stick to the body and allows for easy breathing. Plus, it provides a comfortable fit.


  • Textured surface masks sweat marks
  • Naturally breathable and soft
  • Retains color and shape over time


  • Heavier than other weaves
  • Can be pricier due to knit pattern intricacy
pique e1678409658632.jpg

2. Jersey Knit – The Smooth Operator

For those who prefer a smoother touch, jersey knit offers a lightweight alternative without the texture of piqué. The fabric drapes nicely, giving it a slightly shinier look. This makes it a versatile option that can be worn for both casual and smart-casual occasions.


  • Soft, stretchy, and comfortable
  • Lightweight for a close body fit
  • Versatile and wrinkle-resistant


  • Can show sweat more easily than piqué
  • May not offer the same structured look
knit jersey

3. Performance Synthetics – The Athlete’s Choice

If you want an active lifestyle or functionality, choose materials like polyester, poly-blends, or microfiber. These materials are designed to have moisture-wicking properties, UV protection, and stain resistance. These shirts will keep you cool and dry even during vigorous activities.


  • Superior moisture management
  • Durable and resists fading/tearing
  • Features like odor control and UV protection


  • Some may find synthetics less comfortable on the skin
  • Can harbor odors if not treated properly
performance fabrics

4. Silk and Silk Blends – The Luxe Statement

Silk elevates the humble polo into the upper echelons of luxury. Silk polos can be worn alone or mixed with cotton. They feel luxurious on the skin and provide natural temperature control. They work well for dressier occasions where their subtle sheen adds a touch of sophistication.


  • Unmatched softness and sheen for added elegance
  • Natural temperature regulation
  • A unique statement piece for special occasions


  • Usually commands a higher price
  • Delicate care and maintenance required
Close-up of pink textured fabric material.

5. Linen – The Cool Cousin

Linen is a lightweight, breathable fabric perfect for hot and humid climates. Linen polo shirts have a unique texture and relaxed vibe. They go well with a summer wardrobe and beachside events.


  • Exceptional coolness and high thermal insulation
  • Distinctive, natural look with characteristic slubs
  • Environmentally friendly and durable


  • Creases easily, often seen as part of its charm
  • Requires gentle washing and ironing to maintain lifespan

Consider your personal preference for texture and weight when choosing the right fabric for a men’s polo shirt. Also, take into account the climatic conditions, intended use, and maintenance levels. Choose a cotton piqué or performance fibers based on your style. Make sure it matches your lifestyle and fashion preferences.

We at Ninghow Apparel deliver men’s polo shirts. Our shirts have fine craftsmanship and premium quality fabrics. We tailor them to our customers’ distinct needs. Feel free to contact us for expert advice and assistance. We can help you create your ideal men’s polo collection. It will reflect your brand’s commitment to excellence.


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