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Demystifying Fashion: Are Cargo Shorts Khaki Shorts or Vice Versa?

khaki cargo shorts cd

Demystifying Fashion: Are Cargo Shorts Khaki Shorts or Vice Versa? - Contents

Cargo shorts and khaki shorts are both popular in men’s casual fashion, but people often wonder if they’re the same or different. In this blog post, we want to explain the connection between cargo shorts and khaki shorts. We’ll talk about how they’re similar, how they’re different, and how you can wear them to create different styles.

Understanding Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts are loose and relaxed, with pockets on the sides and sometimes on the thighs. These shorts were first made for the military. They were meant to be useful and functional, so soldiers could easily carry important things. Cargo shorts come in various colors and materials, including khaki.

khaki cargo shorts cb
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Unveiling Khaki Shorts

On the other hand, khaki shorts refer primarily to the color and material rather than a specific style. “Khaki” originally referred to a light brownish-yellow, earth-toned color. Over time, it also came to describe a category of clothing made from twill fabric, typically in neutral colors like beige, tan, or olive. Khaki shorts can take different styles, including being crafted as cargo shorts.

The Overlapping Styles

Now comes the question: can cargo shorts be considered khaki shorts, or vice versa? The answer lies in the overlap between the two. Some cargo shorts are indeed made with khaki-colored twill fabric, which makes them a type of khaki shorts. On the other hand, not all khaki shorts have the characteristic cargo pockets, as some may have a simpler design without the surplus storage. Therefore, while cargo shorts can be khaki shorts, not all khaki shorts are cargo shorts.

Styling Options

Both cargo shorts and khaki shorts offer versatility when it comes to styling. Cargo shorts, with their extra pockets, provide a casual and utilitarian aesthetic. They pair well with t-shirts, polo shirts, or tank tops for a relaxed look. Additionally, cargo shorts can be worn with sneakers or sandals to complete a laid-back outfit.
khaki cargo shorts cd
khaki cargo shorts gb
For khaki shorts that are not necessarily cargo shorts, they lend themselves well to a more polished style. Pair them with button-down shirts, linen shirts, or even blazers for a slightly dressier casual look. Boat shoes, loafers, or canvas sneakers make excellent footwear choices to complement khaki shorts.

The Bottom Line

In summary, cargo shorts and khaki shorts are not entirely interchangeable terms. Cargo shorts can be classified as khaki shorts when they are made using twill fabric in neutral colors. Khaki shorts are a type of shorts that come in different styles, like cargo or without cargo pockets. By understanding the differences, you can confidently choose fashion and create outfits that suit you.

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