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Let me show you the production process of a garment making

Let me show you the production process of a garment making - Contents

From a factory that’s been customizing clothes for 30 years — Ninghow Apparel

01. clothing design: every piece of clothing will go through the drawing design of countless modifications, and excellence in design to produce beautiful clothes. Not only to novel style but also to meet the standard size, wear comfortable and generous.

02. The production of prototypes, when the drawing design is good, it is necessary to draw different clothing prototypes according to different sizes. This step should also be more delicate, not allowing any error, after all, it will affect the cutting of the clothing in the later period.

03. Fabric selection, clothing fabric is the key to directly affecting the quality of clothing, we need to consider the quality of the fabric, comfort, and other aspects, so the choice of fabric directly affects the final quality of clothing.

04. Fabric cutting. After choosing good fabrics, cutting is the first step in making clothes. According to the drawings cut out a suitable appearance, in order to lay a good foundation for the processing of the later period.

05. Embroidery or printing: according to your requirements on the clothing fabric printed you need the pattern or embroidery pattern.

06. Fabric stitching, all parts after processing can be stitched, and installed on the buttons, zippers, or other accessories, so that a garment is completed.

07. Quality inspection: After the garment production is completed, quality inspection shall be carried out to pick out defective products and package high-quality products.


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Founder / CEO of Ninghow Apparel

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Ninghow Apparel
Founder / CEO

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