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How to get T-shirts for my team?

Sublimation Printing
Explore custom team T-shirts with vibrant, long-lasting designs through Sublimation Printing – perfect for unity and style on the field!

How to get T-shirts for my team? - Contents

Do you want your team to look united and stylish? Get custom team T-shirts with eye-catching designs. Sublimation Printing makes these T-shirts unique and durable. This way, they truly show what your team stands for.

We’re Ninghow Apparel, experts in creating custom clothes for new businesses. With Sublimation Printing, we’re here for sports teams, businesses, or groups. Let us make your T-shirt ideas come to life.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sublimation Printing allows for vibrant and long-lasting designs on custom team T-shirts.
  • Custom team T-shirts can enhance unity and style on the field.
  • Ninghow Apparel is a reliable custom clothing manufacturer, especially for startups.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation Printing is becoming very popular. It creates bright and durable designs on many surfaces, like fabric. But how does it work? What makes it special?

This method uses special ink to print designs onto surfaces in a unique way. Unlike other methods where ink stays on top, Sublimation Printing makes the ink go into the fabric. This gives a permanent, high-quality look to the print.

The process uses heat and pressure to change the ink from solid to gas, known as sublimation. The gas bonds with the fabric’s polymers, creating a sharp, colorful image inside the material. This keeps the design looking good even after many washes, which is great for team T-shirts.

Sublimation Printing

Sublimation Ink is key to this process. It doesn’t turn liquid but goes straight from solid to gas. This helps get a precise, detailed design transfer, making prints look vivid and complex. The ink also works with many fabrics, letting you pick the best one for your project.

You can try various Sublimation Techniques for different effects. Use heat-resistant tape for sharp lines and to stop colors from mixing. Different heat presses can give you even and accurate heat, for a perfect finish.

Sublimation Printing beats other methods in many ways. It gives bright, lasting prints and lots of custom options. You can print anything like fine details, gradients, and photos with clarity. It’s also eco-friendly, making very little waste and not using bad chemicals.

Now you know the basics of Sublimation Printing. Let’s see why it’s a great choice for team T-shirts in the next part.

Why Choose Sublimation Printing for Team T-shirts?

Sublimation Printing is the top pick for team T-shirts. It stands out for its unique benefits. Teams of all sizes and sports prefer it.

1. Vibrant Designs

Sublimation Printing brings life to T-shirts with vibrant designs. The process transfers ink to fabric, making colors vivid. Logos, team names, or detailed art look sharp and clear.

2. Long-lasting Prints

Team T-shirts go through a lot of wear. Thanks to Sublimation Printing, designs don’t fade or crack. The ink merges with the fabric, resisting damage. Your team’s T-shirts stay looking fresh.

3. Sublimation Printing vs Screen Printing

Sublimation Printing outshines screen printing. Screen printing lays ink on fabric, which can crack. Sublimation ink blends into the fabric for durable, lightweight designs.

Choose Sublimation Printing for bright, durable designs on team T-shirts. It beats traditional screen printing with superior quality and endurance.

Sublimation Printing means designs that last and feel light. Teams play their best without heavy prints dragging them down.

More teams are choosing Sublimation Printing for its innovation and reliability. It boosts unity, style, and spirit on the field.

Sublimation Printing

Let’s look at designing custom team T-shirts with Sublimation Printing. Create unique, personalized gear for your team next.

How to Design Custom Team T-shirts?

Designing custom team T-shirts is both fun and a way to show off your team’s identity. With Sublimation Printing, you can choose from many customization options. This lets you create designs that stand out and truly represent your team.

When designing custom team T-shirts, balance is key. Your design should grab attention but also make your team’s message clear. Here are some tips for creating amazing custom designs:

  1. Start with a concept: Think of ideas that reflect your team’s values and goals. Choose colors, symbols, or fonts that represent your team well.
  2. Choose vibrant colors: Use Sublimation Printing for bright, full-color designs. Bold colors will help your team stand out.
  3. Incorporate your team logo: Including your team logo is vital. It makes your team instantly recognizable to others.
  4. Consider the garment: Think about the T-shirt’s fabric and color. Your design should match the fabric and be easily seen.
  5. Add personalization: Adding names or numbers makes each T-shirt special. It brings your team closer together.
  6. Keep it simple: It’s best to avoid complicating your design. Simple, clean designs are clearer and last longer.
  7. Review and refine: Before finalizing, review your design. Ask for feedback to make sure it truly shows your team’s spirit.

Designing custom T-shirts is your chance to be creative. With Sublimation Printing, you can bring any idea to life. Create T-shirts that bring your team together and make a statement both on and off the field.

Example Design

Here’s a design for an imaginary soccer team. It highlights their logo and vibrant colors:

Custom team T-shirts example design

ColorPick from many bright colors to match your team’s style.
Logo PlacementChoose where to put your logo, like on the front, back, or sleeves.
PersonalizationInclude names, numbers, or initials to make each shirt unique.
TypographyTry different font styles for unique text designs.
Patterns/GraphicsUse patterns or graphics that show your team’s theme.
Additional Images/LogosAdd extra images or logos for a better design.

Exploring Sublimation Printing Services

Sublimation Printing services are great for making custom team T-shirts. They turn basic clothes into vibrant symbols of team spirit and style. This happens on the field.

Ninghow Apparel is known for doing this well. They have lots of experience in making custom clothing. This makes them a top choice for any team, especially new ones trying to stand out.

Why pick Sublimation Printing for your team’s T-shirts? They make designs that not only look good but also last a long time. This is because the ink goes right into the fabric.

Going with experts like Ninghow Apparel means you get top-quality. Their skilled team makes sure your design looks perfect. This way, the prints stay bright and don’t peel or fade.

Also, getting your team T-shirts will be easy and quick. Ninghow Apparel works fast, so your team will be ready for its next big challenge.

The Benefits of Sublimation Printing Services:

  1. Vibrant Designs: Sublimation Printing makes team designs pop with color and detail.
  2. Long-lasting: These prints face tough games and still look great.
  3. Quality Assurance: Services like Ninghow Apparel focus on every design detail for top quality.
  4. Timely Delivery: Ninghow Apparel delivers your team T-shirts on time.

Choosing Sublimation Printing shows you value excellence and style. Working with Ninghow Apparel boosts your team’s look impressively. It leaves a strong impact everywhere.

A Reliable Choice: Ninghow Apparel

Ninghow Apparel leads in making custom T-shirts for teams. They work closely with all teams, including startups. Their high quality, creative designs, and great service stand out in the industry.

Visit to see Ninghow Apparel’s Sublimation Printing services. Boost your team’s style and unity with unique T-shirts.

Sublimation Printing Services

Sublimation Printing Machine: A Closer Look

In the world of Sublimation Printing, the Sublimation Printing Machine is key. It helps bring your design ideas to life. This section will help you understand this important equipment, its parts, and why it’s so important in Sublimation Printing.

This machine transfers ink to fabrics using heat and pressure. This results in prints that are vibrant and last a long time. The machine includes several important parts, such as:

  • Heat Platen: Also known as the heat press, it provides the heat and pressure needed for sublimation.
  • Control Panel: It lets you adjust the settings for temperature, time, and pressure for perfect prints.
  • Paper Tray: This holds the sublimation paper that contains the ink for transfer to the fabric.
  • Conveyor Belt: In big machines, a conveyor belt moves the fabric through the machine for consistent printing.
  • Roller System: Some machines have rollers to spread heat and pressure evenly over the fabric for even prints.

The machine uses heat, pressure, and time to make sublimation happen. When transfer paper is put on fabric, the machine applies heat and pressure. This turns the ink into a gas that goes into the fabric. The result is a permanent, vibrant, and durable print.

Sublimation Printing Machine

Buying a top-quality Sublimation Printing Machine is key for great print quality and efficiency. Whether you’re starting a custom clothing line or making team T-shirts, you need a reliable machine. It should be advanced and meet your printing needs.

“The Sublimation Printing Machine is the backbone of the Sublimation Printing process, enabling vibrant, long-lasting prints that elevate your designs to the next level.”

With new technology, these machines have become more user-friendly and efficient. They offer better control over temperature and pressure settings. This means consistent results and fewer printing mistakes.

When choosing a machine, think about how much you’ll use it and what you need it for. Consider the size of prints it can make, how fast it can produce, and how easy it is to use. This will help you pick the best machine for your work.

Sublimation Printing on Fabric: The Perfect Choice

Creating custom team T-shirts? Sublimation Printing is the best choice. It offers benefits that make teams look and feel united on the field.

Sublimation Printing delivers bright, beautiful designs. The process uses heat to transfer ink into the fabric. This keeps the colors bright after many washes.

Sublimation Printing on Fabric

This printing method also provides exceptional durability. The prints don’t fade, crack, or peel. Your team’s T-shirts will survive intense games looking good as new.

Moreover, it ensures the fabric is breathable. This keeps players cool and comfortable during games. It helps regulate body heat, boosting team performance.

Sublimation Printing is the best for team T-shirts. It combines vibrant colors, durability, and comfort. Your team will look great and feel confident. Upgrade your team’s T-shirts with Sublimation Printing for style and function.

Custom Clothing Manufacturers for Startups: A Win-Win Solution

For startups, finding the right partner to make custom T-shirts is key. Ninghow Apparel stands out as a top choice. They blend expertise, affordability, and easy production into a great package for new companies.

With Ninghow Apparel, startups tap into a wealth of industry know-how. Their skilled team offers guidance at every step, ensuring your custom T-shirts turn out perfectly.

Choosing Ninghow Apparel is also smart budget-wise. Startups often need to watch their spending carefully. Ninghow Apparel helps you save without cutting corners, thanks to their Sublimation Printing technique for vibrant and durable designs.

Outsourcing T-shirt production to Ninghow Apparel saves time, too. This lets startups stay focused on their core goals. With Ninghow Apparel, you get your T-shirts on time and made by pros.

Why Choose Ninghow Apparel as Your Custom Clothing Manufacturer?

“From our startup’s early days, we’ve trusted Ninghow Apparel for our custom T-shirts. Their high quality, professionalism, and dedication are unmatched. Their support has been crucial in creating T-shirts that represent our brand well and are built to last. We strongly recommend Ninghow Apparel to any startup in need of top-notch custom clothing.”

In short, teaming up with Ninghow Apparel for custom T-shirts offers lots of perks. Their deep knowledge, budget-friendly options, and efficient process are invaluable. They’ll help you make awesome T-shirts while you concentrate on growing your startup.

Benefits of Custom Clothing Manufacturers for StartupsWhy Choose Ninghow Apparel
  • Expertise in custom clothing manufacturing
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Hassle-free production
  • Extensive knowledge and experience
  • Competitive pricing options
  • Efficiency and timely delivery

custom clothing manufacturers for startups


Sublimation Printing is the best choice for creating cool team T-shirts. It uses special inks to make designs that stay bright and don’t peel off. This method lets you use any color and design you want, making your team look unique.

Ninghow Apparel is a top name for Sublimation Printing services. They are known for their quality work and help in making custom clothes. Teams and startups love working with them for their professional and stylish gear.

If you want your team to stand out, go for Sublimation Printing with Ninghow Apparel. You’ll get amazing custom T-shirts that look great everywhere. Choose the best for your team, and avoid the ordinary.


How can I get custom T-shirts for my team?

Getting custom team T-shirts is simple. Use Sublimation Printing for vibrant, long-lasting designs. Ninghow Apparel provides Sublimation Printing services. They are great for teams just starting out.

What is Sublimation Printing?

Sublimation Printing uses heat to transfer dye onto materials. First, print your design on special paper. Then, heat it to transfer the ink onto the fabric, creating vibrant prints.

Why should I choose Sublimation Printing for team T-shirts?

Choose Sublimation Printing for lasting, vibrant designs. It offers unlimited colors and fine details. The process embeds the design in the fabric, making it soft and breathable.

How can I design custom team T-shirts using Sublimation Printing?

Designing is easy. Use graphic software or online tools. Make sure your design is print-ready. Then, send it to a provider like Ninghow Apparel for printing.

What Sublimation Printing services are available?

Services such as Ninghow Apparel offer custom team T-shirts with Sublimation Printing. They provide expert help, quality assurance, and on-time delivery for your team’s needs.

How does a Sublimation Printing machine work?

A Sublimation Printing machine uses heat and pressure. It turns the ink into gas, which then soaks into the fabric. This process ensures designs are perfectly transferred.

Why is Sublimation Printing on fabric a perfect choice?

Sublimation Printing is perfect for its vibrant, durable prints. The ink fuses with the fabric, avoiding cracks and peels. It’s ideal for detailed designs, comfort, and breathability.

Who are the best custom clothing manufacturers for startups?

Ninghow Apparel stands out for startups. They provide custom T-shirts with Sublimation Printing. They offer expert design and production, cost-effectiveness, and a smooth process.

How does Sublimation Printing compare to other printing methods like screen printing?

Sublimation Printing excels over screen printing. It produces vibrant, detailed prints with many colors. The prints are durable, working well on various fabrics, and the results are soft and breathable.


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