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China’s Transformative Progress and Promising Collaborative Opportunities

China's Transformative Progress and Promising Collaborative Opportunities

China’s Transformative Progress and Promising Collaborative Opportunities - Contents

My reasons:
1. You need to understand that China today is not what it was 20 years ago. It even is not what it was ten years ago or five years ago. It’s moving so fast forward within the environmental aspects, working condition, human rights aspects for the work. We are moving in a very positive direction and it’s the process very fast. China is always developing really very fast within all the industries, you can just look at EV industry.

2. When we started Ninghow in 2002, the orders in market was huge volumes, easy production items. But we saw a gap in the market where we can go in:talk with the brands and find solution to lower the volume, focusing on quality instead of quantities. It’s also a need for the brands to always developing something which is better quality than before, because that’s an also aspect of environmental friendly production, produce a garment who last longer.

3. Before people always thought China making a bunch of cheap things. But it’s also been a fundamental shift from the government saying we want to be more forward thinking. For example, Apple and Tesla is making their products in China, because this is where the most advanced that tech is being made and you need obvious very good precision. We have seen that also in the textile industry because many very high end luxury European brands here. They are not manufacturing in Europe, they are still manufacturing in China. A big reason for that is because of the quality and how the industry is growing.

4. And also here in China, we have short distance to the raw materials, and the raw materials is essential for our production. We have a complete supply chain.

5. You know, produce apparel needs to use many different machines, such as the sewing machines, laser-cutting machine are also from Chinese brands and companies. So one of our competitive advantages is that all the machines we use have factories in the local area, and if any machines breaks down or needs replacement, can usually be done the same business day.

6. Point 4 &5 show just how integrated the textile supply chain is in the local area. About the cost, for example, a jeans, everyone has a jeans at home. However, from the harvesting of the cotton until the jeans is finished sold in the shop, it needs 3,700 liter of water to produce one pair of jeans, but when you take Chinese garment industry, textile industry, it’s around 6.4% of the total water consumption of China. So you can imagine if you start to move out like 50% or 30% back to Europe/USA, then you do the same from India, Vietnam, Thailand, It will break the back.

7. We treat our workers like family, we have over 300 workers, it means 300 families. So we have a huge responsibility. We are not a cheap manufacturer, we are a high end level manufacturer, so we pay our workers quite decent salary because they are very skilled. So we have high efficiency, fast and stable production time.

8. We have a lot of certifications to making sure that we can provide the service that the customer want us give. We build our business on trust, most of our clients are on the other side of the world. They can not be often here in China, so we must make sure that what we say is true. We are not corners.

9. The development of China’s infrastructure is obvious to the world, and at the same time, China’s logistics industry is also developing rapidly. The volume of goods sent out of China every day is very large, whether by air or sea, the timing and channel are very stable.

10. More and more foreigners like to travel to China, not only because China has beautiful scenery and rich food, but also because the Chinese people are kind and hospitable, the society is stable, and it is very safe to live and travel in China. You are welcome to come to China and experience it on the ground.
So can we have a chat about the future cooperation?
China's Transformative Progress and Promising Collaborative Opportunities
China’s Transformative Progress and Promising Collaborative Opportunities
  1. Over the past two decades, China has undergone remarkable transformations in various aspects such as environmental practices, working conditions, and human rights. The country’s rapid development is evident across industries, notably exemplified by the dynamic electric vehicle (EV) sector.
  2. Ninghow Apparel, founded in 2002, recognized an opportunity to cater to brands seeking high-quality products with reduced volume requirements. Rather than focusing on mass production, the company prioritized quality over quantity. This approach aligns with the growing need for environmentally friendly practices and longer-lasting garments.
  3. China’s reputation for manufacturing cheap products has shifted as the government emphasizes forward-thinking measures. This shift is exemplified by global giants like Apple and Tesla producing their advanced technology products in China, taking advantage of its highly precise manufacturing capabilities. This trend extends to the textile industry with numerous luxury European brands choosing to manufacture their goods in China due to its evolving quality standards and industry growth.
  4. Geographically, China benefits from proximity to raw materials crucial to the apparel production process. This localized supply chain enhances efficiency and ensures a complete value chain within the country.
  5. Chinese brands and companies supply essential machinery for apparel production. Leveraging this advantage, Ninghow Apparel can access local support for maintenance, repair, and replacement of machines, ensuring minimal downtime and uninterrupted operations.
  6. The integration of China’s textile supply chain, coupled with its substantial water consumption (e.g., it takes 3,700 liters to produce one pair of jeans), emphasizes the importance of sustaining local manufacturing. Moving significant portions of garment production away from China would place unsustainable burdens on water resources in other countries.
  7. Prioritizing the welfare of its workers, Ninghow Apparel treats them as part of an extended family. With over 300 employees representing as many families, the company upholds its responsibility by offering decent wages commensurate with their high skill levels. This commitment contributes to the company’s high efficiency, fast production times, and stability.
  8. Adhering to strict quality and ethical standards, Ninghow Apparel holds numerous certifications to ensure that customers receive the services they expect. Building relationships based on trust, the company understands the importance of delivering on promises, especially considering the geographical distance that separates many clients from China.
  9. China’s infrastructure development is widely acknowledged, complementing its logistics industry’s rapid growth. Timely and reliable delivery of goods by air or sea is a testament to the stability and efficiency of China’s logistics network.
  10. The allure of China extends beyond its beautiful landscapes and culinary delights. Foreign visitors increasingly choose to travel to China due to the kind and hospitable nature of its people, social stability, and overall safety. Experiencing China firsthand offers an opportunity to truly appreciate its unique qualities.

Given these compelling factors, it would be valuable for us to discuss future collaboration opportunities in more detail. Let’s further explore how our shared goals and values can drive mutually beneficial outcomes.


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