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Do you need good clothes makers to create your own brand? Visit Ninghow Apparel! They make and sell many customizable products just for you. They are experts in this job and can help you.

Product Categories

The fashion industry is always changing to meet what consumers want. It is a diverse sector. The company sells different types of clothes that suit different styles and customer preferences. To make these trendy designs, it’s important to partner with trusted custom clothing makers, such as Ninghow Apparel. We are excellent at making clothes because of our advanced factory and knowledge. We pay close attention to every detail. We are dedicated to helping customers every step of the way, from start to finish, to make sure they are completely satisfied. We are a clothing supplier that offers great products and keeps up with industry trends. If you want casual, sporty, or formal clothes, Ninghow Apparel is the reliable choice for fashion.

No minimum

At Ninghow Apparel, we know that being flexible is important when building your brand. We make it easy by not having a minimum number of items you have to order. This means you can start small and add more products to your collection when you’re ready. We can support you whether you need just a few items or many more.

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Men's, Women's, and Children's Apparel

Ninghow Apparel makes clothes for different styles. They can make clothes for men, women, or kids that match your brand’s style. They have lots of different clothes, from fancy men’s wear to trendy women’s clothing and cute kids’ outfits.

Key Features and Benefits

We can help you create your own brand, and work with you to design and customize your product. Our manufacturing standards are high, and we offer competitive pricing options with no minimum order quantity. We have many different types of products available, and we have experience making clothing for men, women, and children.

Choose Ninghow Apparel for Your Private Label Clothing Needs

We are Ninghow Apparel, and we specialize in making clothes for your brand. Our team is dedicated to making you happy, and we know a lot about making clothes. We have locations in both the United States and China, which means we can sell your clothes to people all over the world. If you work with us, we’ll help your brand get more attention from the people who want to buy your clothes.

Our company is one of the best private label apparel manufacturers. We have a lot of experience and knowledge to help make your clothing line the best it can be. We make excellent clothes of all kinds so you can be sure your garments will be great.

We make custom clothes. Our team works hard to give you clothes that look like your brand and are really good. We pick great materials and make sure everything is done perfectly so your clothes are stylish, last a long time, and are comfy.

We’re dedicated to giving you high quality clothes and great service. We know that good communication is important, so we work hard to keep in touch with you. Our team is always available to help you through every part of making your own clothes line. We make sure everything runs smoothly and your clothes look perfect.

We can help you with all your clothing needs, whether you want a whole collection or just certain pieces. Our team are experienced and can do everything from designing and creating samples to making bulk orders and delivering them on time. We make things easy for you!

We can help you make clothing with your own brand name on it! We know a lot of good suppliers and factories and we work together to get the best materials for your clothes. We are really careful and only choose the best materials so your clothes will be very good quality. We are experts at making clothes and we have a lot of rules to check that everything is perfect. So you can trust us to make clothes that are really well made and look great!

“Many successful brands have chosen us as their apparel manufacturer. We are reliable, efficient and customer-focused. Contact us to discuss making your own branded clothes with us.”

FAQ about private label clothing

Private label fashion brands are clothing brands that create their own products and sell them under their brand name. These brands typically work with manufacturers or suppliers who produce the garments based on the brand’s specifications. Private label fashion brands allow companies to establish their unique identity and offer exclusive products to their customers.

White label and private label are similar concepts, but with slight differences. White label refers to a product created by a manufacturer for multiple brands, allowing those brands to put their labels on the same product. On the other hand, private label refers to products made exclusively for one brand, with that brand’s label being the only one used. Essentially, private label products are dedicated to a single brand, while white label products may have multiple brands using the same product with their individual labels.

The cost of private labeling clothing can vary based on several factors, such as garment complexity, fabric choice, manufacturing quantity, customization requirements, and more. It is essential to work directly with Ninghow Apparel or any preferred private label clothing manufacturer to discuss specific pricing details and get accurate cost estimates tailored to your project.

Yes, it is legal to put your own label on clothing through private labeling. When working with a private label clothing manufacturer like Ninghow Apparel, you have the freedom to create your own branded labels and customize the clothing items to meet your specifications. This allows you to establish your brand presence in the market legally.

Absolutely. Private label clothing manufacturers like Ninghow Apparel often provide the option to put your own label on wholesale clothing. You can collaborate with the manufacturer to design and customize the garments according to your brand’s requirements. This way, you can offer unique and exclusive products to your customers with your own branding.

A private clothing label refers to a customized label that represents a specific brand or company. It typically includes the brand’s name, logo, or other identifying information. Private clothing labels are attached to the garments and help establish brand recognition and product differentiation in the market.

Yes, Ninghow Apparel is a reputable private label clothing manufacturer. We specialize in providing high-quality, custom-made clothing items for businesses looking to establish their own brand presence in the market. We collaborate closely with our clients to create unique designs, select materials, and ensure the manufacturing process meets the highest standards of quality and customization.

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