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Private Label Polo Shirts: Custom-Made Apparel by Ninghow Apparel

Customized Private Label Polo Shirts for Retailers

Ninghow Apparel can provide exclusive polo shirts for retailers. Our experience in manufacturing means we can make top-quality garments that match your brand. We can customize fabrics, colors, styles, and labels to make your polo shirts unique. This will make your polo shirts stand out on the shelves and get peoples’ attention. We also have an effective manufacturing process and reliable supply chain management to meet market demand.

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Unique Identity for Groups and Organizations

Ninghow Apparel can help groups like schools, businesses, and clubs look more connected by designing personalized polo shirts with logos, emblems, or text. We work with you to make sure the shirts represent your brand well. We care about quality, so you can trust that the shirts will look and feel great, helping your group stand out.

High-Performance Sports Apparel for Brands and Partners

Ninghow Apparel makes really good polo shirts for sports brands and their partners. We know what athletic people need in their clothing, like sweat control and comfort. Our sportswear is made with high-quality materials and designs to meet the highest standards for performance. You can trust us to make stylish polo shirts with your own brand name on them that will last a long time.

Elevate Your Brand as a Brand Owner

If you want to make your own clothes and enter the fashion industry, Ninghow Apparel can help. We’re good at making your creative ideas come to life. We pay a lot of attention to details and work closely with you to make sure everything is perfect. We help you choose the fabric and printing method, so that your shirts look impressive and represent your brand well.

Seamless Printing Technology for Astonishing Results

We at Ninghow Apparel use modern printing technology to ensure your personalized polo shirts have great and bright prints. We care for all design elements in your pattern or logo and use advanced techniques to execute them flawlessly. Our printing technology makes your clothes look better and more noticeable. Choose us for high-quality polo shirts.

For over 30 years, Ninghow Apparel has been offering excellent apparel production services. We are dedicated to making our customers happy, manufacturing high-quality products, and paying close attention to details. We are perfect for retailers, sports brands, groups, and owners. Contact us today to discuss your personalized polo shirt needs and learn more about our clothing manufacturing.

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FAQs: Private Label Polo Shirts

Ninghow Apparel specializes in manufacturing private label polo shirts for various brands and businesses. We work closely with our clients to create custom-designed polo shirts that meet their specific requirements, offering a high level of customization and quality.


Yes, a polo shirt business can be considered professional, depending on the context and industry. Polo shirts are widely used as uniforms or dress codes in many professional settings, such as corporate offices, hospitality and service sectors, and sports clubs. When paired with appropriate attire and branding, polo shirts convey a professional and polished image.


Numerous companies manufacture polo shirts, catering to different market segments and preferences. However, some well-known brands that produce polo shirts include Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Under Armour. Additionally, Ninghow Apparel works as a trusted manufacturer, producing high-quality private-label polo shirts for various businesses.


Absolutely! Polo shirts are versatile garments that can be styled to create professional looks. A polo shirt can contribute to a professional and polished appearance when choosing a high-quality fabric, customizing with an appropriate fit, incorporating branding elements, and matching with tailored trousers or skirts.


The popular polo shirt design is often attributed to tennis player René Lacoste, who created the first polo shirt in the 1920s. René Lacoste founded the clothing brand Lacoste, which became synonymous with the polo shirt style. However, many designers and clothing brands have since developed their unique versions of polo shirts.


Yes, it is possible to print designs on polo shirts. Ninghow Apparel offers customization services, including the option for printing graphics, logos, or custom designs on polo shirts. With our advanced printing techniques and attention to detail, we ensure that your customized prints are executed flawlessly with vibrant colors and sharpness.


Various clothing manufacturers specialize in producing polo shirts, each with expertise and capabilities. Ninghow Apparel is a trusted manufacturer with 30 years of experience in apparel production, including manufacturing high-quality private-label polo shirts for our clients. We have the necessary skills, resources, and commitment to quality to meet your manufacturing needs.


At Ninghow Apparel, we offer a seamless process to customize private-label polo shirts. Firstly, please consult our team to discuss your design requirements, including fabric choices, colors, styles, and logo placements. Our experienced designers will help bring your vision to life and create digital mock-ups for your approval. Once finalized, we manufacture your custom private-label polo shirts, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship and timely delivery.


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