What is a Polo shirt?

Polo shirts, originally called tennis shirts, were originally worn by aristocrats playing polo, probably because they were comfortable and they liked to wear short sleeves with collars. Over time, it became known as a “polo shirt,” which became popular with the public, so it evolved into a general casual dress. The Polo shirt was designed on the premise that it did not need to be tucked into pants, with a long back and short front hemline with a small slit at the side. The hem design allows the wearer to sit down and avoid the usual t-shirt wrinkles caused by too long a front.

POLO shirt Introduction

  • Before the polo shirt, tennis was played in a traditional shirt, leggings and tie. Later, the style launched by Polo Ralph Lauren became popular and became the defining style, thus introducing this style to the Polo and other sports circles and even casual wear, hence the name polo shirt. Later, it was extended to golf and other sports and even casual wear. Therefore, it is also called golf shirt. Most people often interpret its origin literally, which leads to misunderstanding.

POLO shirt features

As one of the classic legends in the history of casual wear, POLO shirts have always enjoyed a high share of Western men’s wardrobes. Because it is neither too casual like a collarless T-shirt nor too stiff like a shirt, it is perfect for commercial entertainment. Although the style of the POLO shirt hasn’t changed much since its inception, its bright, bright colors, sweat-wiry, breathable texture, and casual style make it an enduring fixture on the fashion scene.

What the hell is a POLO shirt? If your answer continues to be “a T-shirt with a collar”, it’s unimaginative.

POLO shirt is the third form of survival between rigorous and entertainment, so that you do not lose lively when playing, do not lose gravitas in serious occasions; POLO shirt is young people’s new definition of life, create wealth, enjoy fun, want is wonderful! Today, we can no longer deny that the products of leisure culture can also become classics. The youthful spirit of POLO shirts will make them the target of many young fashionistas.




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