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There will be no big winners in second-hand e-commerce

There will be no big winners in second-hand e-commerce

Second-hand e-commerce shows signs of warming in the past year.

New Life (love recycling) on the New York Stock Exchange; Revolving financing $550 million; Second-hand luxury platforms Such as Panghu, Only Two and Fei Yu have all received tens of millions of yuan in financing.

In 2021, the transaction scale of second-hand e-commerce will exceed 400 billion yuan, and the total financing of the industry will reach 5.81 billion yuan, compared with 1.18 billion yuan in 2020. It seems that everyone wants to grab a share of the pie before the window closes.

But in the face of this huge market, the families are suffering.

Second-hand e-commerce mountains stand in abundance

At present, xianyu, love recycling and around three platforms occupy the majority of the market; 3C digital has backed by the giant recycling treasure and flash recycling; Second - hand luxury market has fish, red cloth and so on.

The picture

Main categories and models of major second-hand e-commerce platforms, source: collated according to public data

Xianyu is a full category platform, zao covers most of the mainstream categories, in addition to the other are vertical category platform. In terms of mode, it is mainly divided into C2C and C2B2C.

The value of general goods is low, except for a few standardized categories such as books, most of them adopt THE C2C mode, such as idle fish and maternal and infant second-hand platform pollen.

Second-hand luxury goods have high unit price but are extremely non-standard. The platform acts as the middleman between the buyer and the seller, and the mainstream consignment C2B2C model is adopted.

Such as fish, red cloth and only two, are sent to the platform by the seller, the platform earns commission. Panghu started from serving small businesses, offline participation is deeper, so recycling and consignment system are doing.

The 3C brands of mobile phones are concentrated, and the unit price is moderate. All mobile phones adopt recycling SYSTEM C2B2C, and the B-end has deep participation.

In addition to Zaozao is a one-stop platform, most of the other players separate the recycling and sales, using C2B platform to receive goods, using B2C platform to sell again, and some goods are sold to small businesses through B2B platform to earn price difference.

For example, recycling treasure do recycling, Coke youpin do resale; Love recycling with auction machine hall to do B2B auction.

So, who has more imagination space in the whole category or the vertical platform?

The idle fish cut off C2C

Xianyu is a rarity in second-hand e-commerce.

As the only full-category C2C platform, Xianyu promises never to draw commission, and its profit model has been a mystery. But if you put it in the context of Alibaba, you can see the "evil" of its strategic positioning.

In recent years, the frequent promotion of "planting grass" has encouraged impulse spending and second-hand trading. As the jargon goes, "At the end of Singles' Day is idle fish".

The idle fish's role is to bring back into the ecosystem the trade that flows out of the Amoy system.

If a product is sold only once, it is better to make it circulate in the ecosystem many times, and the economic value will be multiplied.

Alipay is the first to benefit, assuming that all primary e-commerce items are traded on Xianyu once again, alipay's capital plate will double, and the cainiao system is the same.

"One key to resell" so convenient, "buy buy buy" still hesitate? This also feeds taobao Tmall.

It has become a way of life for generation Z.

From this perspective, it is easy to see why Xianyu should make efforts to build a community. Because the more active, stickier, and vertical an item-based user community is, the greater the potential for monetization.

This can also explain why there are so many wechat business, small businesses in xianyu to sell goods, but the platform is not much intervention.

What's more, a variety of grey industry chains have long been formed on Xianyu, involving pornography, fake goods, piracy, fraud, demand for accounts, brush orders, smuggling, you can think of everything, almost like the "Chinese dark net", but the platform has not made great efforts to rectify.

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