Why do my polo shirt collars curl?

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If you’re a fan of polo shirts, you might have noticed that their collars tend to curl after being washed or worn for some time. This can be frustrating as it takes away from the neat appearance of the shirt. In this article, we’ll explore what causes polo shirt collars to curl and what you […]

Will the polo shirt shrink?

POLO shirts are a popular choice of clothing for men and women alike. They are comfortable and versatile and come in various styles and colors. But, one question that consumers often ask is: do POLO shirts shrink? The answer is yes, they can, but it depends on the fabric used to make them. What Material […]

Let me show you the production process of a garment making

From a factory that’s been customizing clothes for 30 years — Ninghow Apparel 01. clothing design: every piece of clothing will go through the drawing design of countless modifications, and excellence in design to produce beautiful clothes. Not only to novel style but also to meet the standard size, wear comfortable and generous. 02. The […]


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