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Golf shirts with sponsor logos

Golf shirts with sponsor logos

Woven with excellent technology, this product not only retains the excellent natural properties of mercerized cotton, but also has a silky feel and luster, making it a good choice for golf shirts.

POLO shirt is the most intuitive embodiment of a gentleman's sense of quality in summer.

Since its establishment, Ninghow has been striving for excellence in various gentry clothing categories. The Polo shirt is the result we are most pleased with:

The decency and quality of a gentleman:

16 stitches 3 strands cotton, silk and linen mixed fabric

Thick collar without flounces: siping idling process

Clean stereoscopic lapel: hollow buttonhole

3mm deep sea white butterfly fritillary buckle

Hand-stitched coral nail buckles

The details should be decent: hand-stitched cuffs and hems

Practical and comfortable:

More resistant to washing without deformation: cuff, hem double thread braided

Avoid sitting and lying up: put a fork under, manual section reinforcement

Anti-tear: shoulder seam and underarm reinforcement

For a better understanding of the Ninghow Polo's craftsmanship, it is recommended to compare the most expensive Polo shirt you own while reading.

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