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Classification of fabric - Knitting fabric

Classification of fabric - Knitting fabric

A. Weft knitted fabric

Single jersey

Liner fabric: full yarn cross strip cloth

Flannelette: embossed fleece, jacquard fleece, printed fleece, fine fleece, flannelette,

Thick flannelette, flannel

Terry fabric: single side terry cloth double side terry cloth jacquard terry cloth

Jacquard checkered terry cloth

Velvet fabric

Rib fabric: Swiss rib, French rib, 1*1 rib, 2*2 rib

Cotton wool cloth: cotton wool cloth with needle extraction

Beaded mesh cloth

French terry

Design and design knitted fabric: stretch pineapple cloth thousand bird gattie cloth

B. Warp knitted fabric

Polyester warp knitting: Warp knitting golden velvet with gilt-edged velveteen

Warp knitted fabric

Warp knitted mesh cloth

Warp knitted velvet fabric: warp knitted velvet, warp knitted yarn-dyed velvet

Warp knitted hoop fabric

Warp knitted jacquard fabric


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