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Classification of fabric - Woven fabrics are commonly used

Classification of fabric - Woven fabrics are commonly used

A. Cotton fabric

Balinese yarn: plain fabric (coarse, municipal, muslin), poplin, Bali yarn

, canvas, flax yarn (the raw material is not flax, is mixed with flax fiber)

Twill: twill (clear texture on front, fuzzy on back), gabardine, serge

Satin: straight gong, cotton wool cross gong, cross gong satin

Fleece: corduroy, printed velveteen, printed flannelette

Wrinkling category: seersucker, bark wrinkling, wrinkling cloth

Yarn-dyed fabrics: denim, Oxford cloth, youth cloth

Others: wool blue cloth, terry cloth, tea towel cloth, wash cloth, rotten cloth

B. Linen fabric

Ramie: ramie plain cloth summer cloth (hand woven ramie cloth collectively) cool yarn

Flax: flax fabric

Flax blended fabric: polyester flax yarn, polyester flax checked cloth, fish jelly cloth (Fish Jian cloth)

Woolen polynosic snow x gold and linen printed silk

C, wool type

Plain print: Veridine, Palix

Twill: serge gabardine

Complex twill: ponywool choctin

Satin: gondola camel silk brocade

Tweed: Suede Hayley toothpick strip Shex gold

Pure wool plaid dress for ladies

Woolen fabrics: Malden, navy wool, dress wool, flannel

Tweed (tweed is also called Firebone and Hayles)

Coat (wool coat, patterned coat),

Ladies' (dress, ladies'), double-sided

D. Silk fabric

Spinning class: electric spun silk spun Fuchun spun spring spun tartan nysk spun yarn-dyed polyester spun

Crepe de chine: Crepe de chine, blue, crepe de chine, and crepe de chine

Xiao: Broken silk gauze

Silk: plain taffeta taffeta taffeta day fragrance silk (double weft flower silk) dig silk

Damask: COTTON DAMASK DAMask beautiful silk feather yarn twill silk

Satin: plain crepe satin brocade

Brocade: Yuexihua brocade square brocade Wan flower brocade

Gauze: yam gambiered Guangdong gauze Lushan gauze fragrant cloud gauze jacquard gauze fake gauze

Luo luo: hangzhou

Gregory: Wen Shangge

Velvet: canaries rotten flowers Joe its velvet Zhangvelvet

Silk: cotton silk tussah silk bigong silk tussah silk


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